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24 February 2012

Σήμερα είδα αυτό το άρθρο  στο και ένιωσα σαν να το είχα γράψει εγώ.
Η Erin αναφέρει τους λόγους που οι χειροποίητες κατασκευές έχουν "καταστρέψει" τη ζωή της. Όλοι όσοι ασχολούμαστε με αυτά την καταλαβαίνουμε απολύτως. Σήμερα οι πληροφορίες, τα ερεθίσματα, τα υλικά και οι δυνατότητες είναι τόσες πολλές, που όσα και να φτιάξεις πάντα θα υπάρχουν άλλα τόσα στην άκρη του μυαλού σου που περιμένουν για να γίνουν. Και μου αρέσει αυτό... κι ας μην τα προλαβαίνω όλα.

Today I saw this article at HELLO GIGGLES and felt like as if I have written it myself... Just check out what Erin has to say about crafting and how it takes control of her life.

Five Ways Arts & Crafts Ruined My Life

Glue guns, pipe cleaners, glitter, those little mini pompoms, crayons, rubber stamps: these were my gateway drugs. I’ve realized recently that I can’t only blame TV shows and movies for ruining my life. Something must also be done about the extracurricular activities that ruined my life throughout the years. (“Extracurricular” means “what you do besides watch TV” right?) Well, it’s time to come clean. It’s time to admit that I have a problem. I have an ever-evolving and time-consuming addiction… to arts and crafts.
Crafting ruined my life because:
1. It Occupies All My Free Time
So, here’s the thing – hobbies are supposed to keep you occupied when you have free time, right? And act sort of as a pleasant escape from real responsibilities or whatever. Well, what about when your hobbies start taking over your life and you become obsessed with finishing craft projects and immediately starting new ones and learning that new craft you’ve suddenly noticed all over Etsy?
That’s when you’re hitting my level. (read more...)

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