“These are all eggs of things. They will be our secret.”

24 April 2013

"Tadpoles are much better than fish,  Buzz said. Tadpoles grow up to be frogs".

Eggs of Things: Anne Sexton’s 1963 Children’s Book

p.s. Maria Popova is a Bulgarian writer, blogger, and critic living in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her blog, which features her writing on culture and found objects off and on the Internet.

FEEAS: art from found objects

10 April 2013

    Actually "great" art from FEEAS made to dislike. Oh, yes we enjoy them Remedio Vincent!

DIY neon brooch

This is a 5 month old makeover I had forgotten about. My father bought at a flee market for a euro (?) or less these vintage brooches. What else I could do with them, than to give them a fresh look with neon colours! It doesn't look like neon, but it is. It's just the filter effect from Instagram that changed the original colour... If you really wanna see a tutorial (I'm sure noone really needs it) check these out:
    source: Dream + dress
    source: Little Pink Monster
    source: Pop Champagne Blog
    source: The Sparkly Life

My Jewellery

09 April 2013

 "Bib necklace" two-sided (paper, aluminium, epoxy resin, metal chain).

My Jewellery

04 April 2013

 "The bitch is Back" custom order XL Bib necklace (paper, acrylic paint, epoxy resin, metal chain).

Pablo Axpe art

03 April 2013

Excellent photograph art images by Pablo Axpe

Making image quotes

If you want to create your own image - photo quote give it a try at

How to make a blog button

02 April 2013

Want to make a blog button but don't know how? Try this easy tutorial from Pink on the cheek 
I manage to make mine!