Meet Carole Ann & make recycled Carton Coin Purses

09 August 2010

Carole Ann is a creative girl behind the blog Connect the Dots Crafts . She makes quilts and aprons and loves to recycle. One of her tutorials is about Milk Carton Coin Purses.
I’ve tried myself and also kept some empty cartons for Carole Ann. Here's the whole story: A special package.
 I believe it could be great craft project for kids summer workshop, for the older ones of course! Check it out and tell me what you think!

Dog walk

08 August 2010

      Chico & Victor

...and stray dogs that asked for affection.                                   

Lunch, dinner

28 July 2010

Summer house, garden, nature, taste, freshness, colours...

    Tavern, friends,walk, night, jokes...

...and Dad playing with Victor's ears!

Synday afternoon...

11 July 2010



  Hot, sunny Synday afternoon...

A winner & a crafter

16 June 2010

I wanted to make some fabric flower brooches that I‘ve have seen in  m.e 's blog. I didn’t know how so I made my first without using the right fabrics or the heater.

It may sounds awkward, but the next morning arrived in the post an envelope full of surprises. I had won one of Cathie’s brooches on a giveaway! Everything was wonderful! Thank you Cathie!

Well I didn't have the proper fabrics but, having the brooch in my hands and using the tutorial that Cathie suggested, I made some new!

Just Say "ALOHA"....and Swing!

12 June 2010

This Saturday me and a couple of friends went to swing party at Aiolis where I met some lovely girls from Swing Riots… it was amazing… everything… the outfits, the hairstyles, the dancing, the mood and of course the music – with beautiful Irene on the decks… my friends get so excited that they decided to start swing lessons!

We also took some gifts...


So sorry I had no camera with me, except my phone.


Nostalgia for childhood

11 June 2010

As long as my barbie collection - I don't consider myself a collector - is patiently waiting on a carton till I buy the appropriate furniture showcase, I 'll post some pic of the barbies that I own and that I recently found on the web...

 here you can read about Pretty Changes Barbie:

Barbie superstar 1975

Barbie beauty secrets

Hispanic Barbie

"I love you" Barbie

I know what they say about barbie doll and a part of me agree with all that feminine part but, I always will remember with nostalgia the joy that open-ended play brought me and that is why I always be a barbie lover...