Display frame for "recycle plastic" necklace

23 May 2010

I 've made this necklace when I was experimenting with plastic. It's composed of plastic bags, newspaper, and I 've embroidered tinsels, beads and the words "Recycle plastic" on one side and my signature on the other.


I had to make a display frame for an exibition... I took and old frame and change the color. Had to make it more nutreal than its previous colour. So I painted with a gold spray paint.

...but it needed some enlightening so once was dried I used an aclylic gold paint and gold markers on some spots...

For the backround I just took the packaging from another item (I think it was also a frame package) and added some newspapers with glue, till it got the desired thickness. On the top I used a plain white printer paper.

Glue them all together...


How 's that?

Renewing a closet

20 May 2010

Well I know these are not the best shots but you can tell the difference, don’t you? I brought this closet when I moved to my new apartment - not a great thing, just a cheap one from IKEA store- and while I was still thinking what to do with it, I decided to renew it, so at least it would match with the rest of my room.

So, I had kept these wonderful paper tableclothes which they actually gave me from a restaurant. The process was very easy: I took the measures and cut them at the size of the plastic sheet. Then I carefully applied glue to the inner side and put the paper on. By placing a piece of clean dry lining paper over the top of the lining paper I smoothed out any air bubbles with the brush.

… and voila!

..more shopping windows

17 May 2010

This is gonna be another long post. Maybe it's not the right time for posting shopping windows - from Piraeus
this time - while it's rather a difficult time that Greece is going through... but, if we can't buy at least we can dream...

Shopping windows

14 May 2010

Shoes... shoes... shoes. Who doesn't like shoes? These are some shots that I took when I was at Thessaloniki (last week). Hope you enjoy them.

Bruno Magli

...and also some shopping windows that I liked much:


Marie Chantal

One bird can't bring the spring... but what about a thousand? 

Escada sport


Rania Xanthopoulou

Lakis Gavalas