A winner & a crafter

16 June 2010

I wanted to make some fabric flower brooches that I‘ve have seen in  m.e 's blog. I didn’t know how so I made my first without using the right fabrics or the heater.

It may sounds awkward, but the next morning arrived in the post an envelope full of surprises. I had won one of Cathie’s brooches on a giveaway! Everything was wonderful! Thank you Cathie!

Well I didn't have the proper fabrics but, having the brooch in my hands and using the tutorial that Cathie suggested, I made some new!

Just Say "ALOHA"....and Swing!

12 June 2010

This Saturday me and a couple of friends went to swing party at Aiolis where I met some lovely girls from Swing Riots… it was amazing… everything… the outfits, the hairstyles, the dancing, the mood and of course the music – with beautiful Irene on the decks… my friends get so excited that they decided to start swing lessons!

We also took some gifts...


So sorry I had no camera with me, except my phone.


Nostalgia for childhood

11 June 2010

As long as my barbie collection - I don't consider myself a collector - is patiently waiting on a carton till I buy the appropriate furniture showcase, I 'll post some pic of the barbies that I own and that I recently found on the web...

 here you can read about Pretty Changes Barbie:

Barbie superstar 1975

Barbie beauty secrets

Hispanic Barbie

"I love you" Barbie

I know what they say about barbie doll and a part of me agree with all that feminine part but, I always will remember with nostalgia the joy that open-ended play brought me and that is why I always be a barbie lover...