Cool beer "outfit"

20 November 2011


Jose Guizar, a talended designer from Mexico - designed these cool beer bottles inspired of  Lucha Libre. More about the artist here and Lucha here.
I don't know how it tastes but I would buy the beer just to keep the bottle.

Ready for a walk

03 September 2011

Not laughing, nor barking... just yawning.

New haircut !

02 September 2011

Πήγα για μαλλί και βγήκα κουρεμένη....

The friendship bracelets I'm wearing at the 1st pic were made when I was 17... yes I kept them all those years... and still remember how I loved to make them. Since I don't have time to make a tutorial I found a very cool one for you.

image by Honestly…WTF

...every era it builds character

01 September 2011

 I would love to have someone with their unique style to consult me...


Love Plastic Shoes

Old Songs New Memories

30 August 2011

Songs that will remind me of this summer:

Cocteau Twins Pearly Dew Drops Drops

Cocteau Twins - Seekers Who Are Lovers

Never have noticed before the voice of  Elizabeth Fraser - 'voice of God', till my sister insisted on doing so...

August 15th Celebration

16 August 2011

On the 15th of August every year, my mothers village in Crete, holds a big celebration in the central square. everybody 's giving a hand. And so did I and the rest of my family...


My father painted those rocks above (I did some also) - which were sold in order to support our village expenses - and most of the labels!


 I did the best I could in almost one hour...

This way to Toilet...!  My sister made this sign... hah.

"Tsiko, I love you"

11 June 2011

Tsiko (or Chico), my sisters' Thibetian Spaniel. Excellent ball-toy catcher, very quiet and obedient. The only thing he asks for is playing all the time...

 "wanna play? plsssssssss!"

 ...he's not greedy, but he is expecting every afternoon for his biscut.


...under my bed and

 under my hand...

FLoweR BrooCh

09 June 2011

Fabric Flower Brooch...made for last summer's Bazaar @ sixdogs

My Greek Lazy Breakfast...

25 May 2011

Today's breakfast: Frappé avec raisin cake :P

A stool that caugth my eye

iPhone "Story"

12 February 2011

Oh, my! Last time I was addicted to games, was with Tomb Raider on Playstation...

My dog Victor