Easy DIY Candy Necklace & Headband

27 March 2013

Just before Christmas holidays I was asked to make some accesories for a colleagues four year old daughter. She had to dress up like a candy for the school Christmas festive. 
So I came up with a candy necklace and a candy headband.   

I would recommend that you make a sample so that you can judge how much candy and ribbon you will need to use.  Also, you can vary it for different holidays by changing the color ribbon and candy used.

Candy necklace -edible

You will need
Plastic wrap 
Ribbon of your choise
Candy also of your choise 
clear tape

How to
Lay out about one meter (3 feet) of plastic wrap, cutting it in half lengthwise. Place a few pieces of candy every 10 cm (3 inches).  The exact number will vary based on the size of the candy. You want each section to look full.
Roll the plastic over the candy to cover completely and seal the candy in the middle by rolling each one separetely.
Tie between each section of candy with clear tape. Then tie each end with ribbon 
Tip: you can go with the easy way by using individually wrapped candy. Just put the candies on the row and tie them with small pieces of ribbon.

Hair Candy Headband

You will need
a simple headband
old stuff from christening or wedding favors

How to 
This project was easier than I thought it would be! Maybe because I was in a hurry and finished it in about ten minutes! I made it by wrapping a simple girl-sized headband in white fabric and twist a pink satin ribbon around it and stich it by hand. The topping is made out of white and pink tulle fabric, which I rolled after I stuffed it with a paper ball and tied it up with satin ribbons. All the materials were from wedding or christening favors that I have kept, so I 've recycled them!

The Candy necklace and the caramel headband were a great hit and little Dimitra was very proud of wearing them!
 Isn't she cute?

Sometimes  photos that we shoot by accident can be amazing...  Coco is a cutie also!


  1. Very cute. She is a lovely girl. That dog really made me smile. super cute. Just stoppin by Irene. Have a nice day.


    1. Thank you again Judy! And she has a vnice character too! I know her since she was two years old!