Happy Easter

A favorite shop

29 March 2010

The day before yesterday I went for shopping with my mother. Tarantella was the last shop we visited and one of my favourites'. I wanted to buy almost everything!

Sorry I had no camera with me, but I posted the images on their actual size so you can see the details for yourself.

From Pireus to Athens

22 March 2010

From one Praxitelous st. (Pireus)...

 another Praxitelous st. (Athens).

SACT @The Box, organized by Whitebox presenting Sofias' Tsopelas Tutu designs. A fun fashion afternoon of coctails, tutus, fun & styling...

Eleanna is holding Anna Economou clutch bag.

And finally (without heels) at Ermou st.

Saturday @ BeUnique Bazaar

Saturday afternoon we visited Be Unique Bazaar and met Gabbie who organizes the Bazzar and makes lovely gothic & polymer clay jewels.

Excellent work by Fotini. You can find her creations at Whitebox Praxitelous.

Outside the Bazaar we met an adorable stray dog who followed us till we went inside...
(ah, and Eleanna is wearing one of my soda can neclaces; click to enlarge!)
See you...

Creative afternoon

A nice start...

18 March 2010

How do I start a blog? It reminds me of the days where I used to keep a diary...
Today I think it's a good day for a new start, since it's my birthday. In this way I'll remember when I started writing this blog and also will have our birthday on the same day.
May I offer you some macarons I brought back from my beloved Thessaloniki?

For days now I was busy creating jewelry... a big order! But finally I finished it, so I can just deal with something else.

Why I'm writing in English? Well even If I am a strong supporter of the Greek language and big fan of polytonic system.
First, it is an opportunity to practice my english as I have my exams early on May and secondly because my english teacher and dear friend Giannis was always telling me that I should start a blog. So, "Tadpole" came out of a lesson I had with Giannis and "Renu" is how another best friend is calling me, who also was telling me the same thing about starting a blog. Have a nice day!