A nice start...

18 March 2010

How do I start a blog? It reminds me of the days where I used to keep a diary...
Today I think it's a good day for a new start, since it's my birthday. In this way I'll remember when I started writing this blog and also will have our birthday on the same day.
May I offer you some macarons I brought back from my beloved Thessaloniki?

For days now I was busy creating jewelry... a big order! But finally I finished it, so I can just deal with something else.

Why I'm writing in English? Well even If I am a strong supporter of the Greek language and big fan of polytonic system.
First, it is an opportunity to practice my english as I have my exams early on May and secondly because my english teacher and dear friend Giannis was always telling me that I should start a blog. So, "Tadpole" came out of a lesson I had with Giannis and "Renu" is how another best friend is calling me, who also was telling me the same thing about starting a blog. Have a nice day!

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